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Surgi-Max® Plus Energy Source

The Trusted, Validated Energy Source of Choice

Patented Surgi-Max® Plus emits high radiofrequency, low-temperature radiowaves to perform delicate, minimally invasive surgery with unparalleled precision, versatility and safety.

The Surgi-Max® Plus utilizes high radiofrequency, low-temperature radiowaves to perform traditional scalpel, scissor, electrosurgical and laser-assisted procedures. The cell specific tissue effect affords unparalleled surgical precision while sparing healthy tissue. The low temperature emission results in non-adherent bipolar performance which minimizes tissue trauma and eliminates frequent tip cleaning and instrument irrigation.

  • Patented, Radiowave Monopolar/Bipolar Technology
  • Unparalleled Precision, Versatility, and Safety
  • Monopolar Incision, Dissection, Resection
  • Non-Stick Bipolar Performance

Disc-FX® System

An Innovative, Minimally Invasive Discectomy System

The elliquence Disc-FX® System safely, rapidly and effectively performs minimally invasive discectomy procedures for contained lumbar spine herniations. The innovative, patented design combines simple, intuitive function with precise surgical results.

  • Patented Radiowave Energy permits precise disc tissue removal
  • Navigational Trigger-Flex® mechanism enables targeted pathology
  • Multi-functional therapeutic options; debulking ablation, and modulation
  • Simple, ergonomic components provide systematic disc access
  • Less invasive compared to traditional discectomy procedures
  • Minimum annulotomy reduces risk of herniation
  • Lower cost compared to alternative devices. Single-Use Disposable System

Cappabianca Bipolar Forceps

The elliquence Cappabianca Bipolar Forceps are designed to provide precise hemostatis in minimal surgical environments

The Cappabianca Bipolar Forceps was developed with input from Professor Paolo Cappabianca (Naples, Italy) in effort to address hemostasis challenges while preserving adjacent critical anatomy and healthy tissue in tight surgical environments. The low-profile shaft and handle design supports surgical access alongside other instruments. The tapered tip design with smooth surfaces in both straight and angled configurations offer versatility to access and treat pathology attramatically.

  • Endoscopic/Keyhole/Transsphenoidal/Skull Base
  • Targeted, Pinpoint Hemostasis
  • Trusted Energy Source
  • Tumor Management

Trigger-Flex® System

Patented elliquence Trigger-Flex® Bipolar Systems offer navigational access in endoscopic or key-hole procedures for targeted pathology treatment.

Since 2000, the patented Trigger-Flex® Bipolar System has been utilized globally in minimally invasive spine and other orthopedic procedures for the navigational, targeted application and precise tissue effects it affords. Compatible with all working channel scopes, the Trigger-Flex® Bipolar System is a compliment to all procedures for hemostasis, shrinkage or ablative effects in soft tissue. Several shaft and handle configurations are available to accommodate surgeon preference or surgical requirements.


Radiowave Delivery Systems

An array of innovative devices compliment elliquences product line for procedural specific requirements.

Empire® microIncision Needle Electrode
Empire® microIncision Needle Electrode Conical tip electrodes are designed for ultimate precision in incision/resection with hemostasis. Several configurations are available to accommodate surgeon preference or surgical requirements.

Clear-Vu® Bayonet Electrodes
Clear-Vu® Bayonet Electrodes are designed with a bayonet shaft configuration to maintain surgical field view. The Clear-Vu® Bayonet Electrodes are available in a several shaft lengths to effectively access pathology.

Depth-Gauge Malleable Electrode
Malleable shaft with safety Depth-Gauge markings are for procedures that involve deep or key-hole access.

Provides access through working channel endoscope to perform laser-like applications for hemostasis or ablation.

Suction Coagulator
Radiowave Suction Coagulators emit high-frequency monopolar energy for targeted hemostais while evacuating blood, solutions or plume. Available in straight or angled tip configurations.


Radiowave Accessories

elliquence has a complete line of accessory products to accommodate ease of use and surgeon preference while providing cost-effective Radiowave applications for all surgical procedures.

3-Button Fingerswitch
The Radiowave 3-Button Fingerswitch is a unique handpiece, which includes access to all three monopolar waveforms without unit manipulation, as well as a distal tip chuck to prevent electrode rotation during application.

An assortment of Footswitch configurations are available to provide greater surgeon ease of use of Surgi-Max® Plus.

Neutral Plates
Two configurations of Disposable Neutral Plates are available to accommodate patient size.

<PBipolar Cables
Disposable Bipolar Cables are available in several distal connector configurations to accommodate the assortment of primary bipolar instrument configuration sin the market.

Monopolar Cable
For monopolar delivery systems such as microfiber and Suction Coagulator, the Quick-Connect Cable is used to deliver monopolar energy.


ICe-Tip Bipolar Forceps

elliquences Non-Stick ICe-Tip technology includes a proprietary alloy composition that is uniquely suited for delicate surgical procedures

When combined with elliquences Surgi-Max® Plus Radiowave energy source, ICe-Tip Bipolar forceps require less power to produce effective coagulation without unwanted tissue adherence or charring. The ICe-Tip technology is specially matched with the High Radiowave frequency, proprietary bipolar waveforms, power output and matched with the impedance of the tissue. The result is a harmonious cloud around the forceps tip to produce a controlled, effective, low-temperature volatilization of individual cells. A broad range of tip and shaft configurations are available to compliment any surgical procedure.

  • Non-Stick Tissue Effect
  • Reduced Procedure Time
  • Durable, Non-Coated Tips
  • Less Thermal Damage
  • Enhanced Hemostasis
  • Lower Power Settings
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