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เครื่องมือผ่าตัด Endoscope KARL STORZ
Endoscopes for Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine
Recommended sets
Cold light (xenon/led) warm light laryngoscope blades instruments
Video intubation systems, video laryngoscopes, intubation fiberscopes, intubation endoscopes
Bronchoscopes and tracheoscope for distal respiratory gas monitoring and foreign body removal
Instrument carts
High Light Products
25 Years of BONFILS Intubation Endoscopes
BERCI-KAPLAN DCI® Video Laryngoscope
3628419295_567207_567207_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (59849 bytes) 3628419295_567220_567220_1_rdax_385x322.jpg (112998 bytes)
High Power LED Laryngoscope
3628419295_567211_567211_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (71246 bytes)
Intubation Fiberscopes
3628419295_567199_567199_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (65181 bytes) 3628419295_567200_567200_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (70320 bytes)
Power of Light LED Battery Light Source
3628419295_149858_149858_1_rdax_385x278.jpg (75808 bytes) 3628419295_567198_567198_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (72914 bytes) 3628419295_567201_567201_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (64815 bytes) 3628419295_567202_567202_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (75789 bytes)
The C-MAC™ video laryngoscope
3628419295_567206_567206_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (74928 bytes) 3628419295_567208_567208_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (60779 bytes) 3628419295_567210_567210_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (72520 bytes) 3628419295_567219_567219_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (118661 bytes) 3628419295_575789_575789_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (63785 bytes) 3628419295_575790_575790_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (75101 bytes)
(ต้องการทราบข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมกรุณาติดต่อ 02-2491986-7)


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