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เครื่องมือผ่าตัด Endoscope KARL STORZ
Endoscopes and Instruments for Cardiovascular Surgery
Instruments for endoscopic saphenous vein harvesting
Cardiothoracic retractors
Instruments for endoscopic dissection of the IMA
Endoscopic intraoperative examination of the open heart
Endoscopic assisted reconstruction of the cardiac valves
Instruments for endoscopic aorto-iliac vascular surgery
Endoscopic selective perforating vein dissection and paratibial fasciotomy
Fiberscopes for vascular endoscopy
Holding systems for endoscopes and instruments
Headlights, headcam, binocular loupe
High Light Products
Endoscopic Perforating Vein Dissection and Paratibial Fasciotomy
3628419295_566721_566721_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (68153 bytes)
Endoscopic Radial Artery Harvesting
3628419295_386922_386922_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (68725 bytes) 3628419295_386923_386923_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (65425 bytes) 3628419295_386924_386924_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (76015 bytes)
Endoscopic Vascular Clamps
3628419295_566722_566722_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (72125 bytes)
H3-Z Versatile High Definition Camera Head
3628419295_566694_566694_1_rdax_385x278.jpg (47074 bytes)
KARL STORZ ENDOCAMELEON –The New Laparoscope with Variable Direction of View
3628419295_386917_386917_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (38477 bytes) 3628419295_387335_387335_1_rdax_385x288.jpg (34909 bytes) 3628419295_571817_571817_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (57051 bytes) 3628419295_571818_571818_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (58163 bytes) 3628419295_571819_571819_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (64108 bytes) 3628419295_576330_576330_1_rdax_385x251.jpg (14176 bytes)
KARL STORZ Endoscopic Vein Harvesting Set
3628419295_566724_566724_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (81209 bytes)
Laparoscopic Aortic Surgery – Set Proposals acc. to COGGIA and KOLVENBACH
3628419295_138091_138091_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (105972 bytes)
Laparoscopic Needleholders acc. to COGGIA
3628419295_394879_394879_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (67903 bytes) 3628419295_394882_394882_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (69820 bytes)
MIDCAB-Retractor for Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery
3628419295_575887_575887_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (63293 bytes) 3628419295_575888_575888_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (78723 bytes) 3628419295_575889_575889_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (67272 bytes)
Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery New KARL STORZ Trocar System
3628419295_575890_575890_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (50674 bytes) 3628419295_575891_575891_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (51640 bytes) 3628419295_575892_575892_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (56368 bytes)
Multi-Retractor acc. to SCHÖLLHORN – The Modular Retractor System for Cardiac Surgery
3628419295_138082_138082_1_rdax_263x350.jpg (77542 bytes)
OR1™ NEO – The New Design of Excellence
3628419295_575064_575064_1_rdax_385x251.jpg (72950 bytes) 3628419295_575065_575065_1_rdax_385x275.jpg (57907 bytes)
POINT SETTER Camera Holding Arm for Minimally-Invasive Heart Surgery
3628419295_566720_566720_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (47019 bytes)
TELE PACK Set for use with Vessel Harvesting Systems
3628419295_566719_566719_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (74082 bytes)
The Vario-Retractors – “Children“ and “Babies” acc. to SCHÖLLHORN
3628419295_392764_392764_1_rdax_385x264.jpg (71836 bytes) 3628419295_392765_392765_1_rdax_385x319.jpg (92035 bytes)
The VITOM® 20 System for Cardiovascular Surgery
3628419295_575880_575880_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (75460 bytes) 3628419295_576285_576285_1_rdax_385x278.jpg (54256 bytes) 3628419295_576286_576286_1_rdax_385x278.jpg (70247 bytes)
Universal Operating Field Illumination for Open Cardiothoracic Surgery
3628419295_565007_565007_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (61718 bytes)
(ต้องการทราบข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมกรุณาติดต่อ 02-2491986-7)


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