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เครื่องมือผ่าตัด Endoscope KARL STORZ
Plastic Surgery
Recommended sets for plastic surgery
Headmirrors-headlights, video accessories for microscopes
Telescopes and instruments for endoscopic face-lifting and blepharoplasty
Instruments for rhinoplasty
Hospital supplies-scalpels, scissors, forceps, needle holders, retractors, miscellaneous
Bipolar and unipolar coagulation
Telescopes and instruments for endoscopic mammaplasty and abdominoplasty
Telescopes and instruments for reconstructive surgery: video assisted microsurgery muscle harvest nerve harvest fascia lata harvest
Telescopes and instruments for surgery of the upper extremities: hand arthroscopy nerve compression syndrome
Motor systems
High Light Products
Auricle Reconstruction acc. to FIRMIN
3628419295_449305_449305_1_rdax_385x280.jpg (27079 bytes) 3628419295_449699_449699_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (74780 bytes)
Endoscopic Face Lift
3628419295_566528_566528_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (58791 bytes) 3628419295_566691_566691_1_rdax_385x239.jpg (34969 bytes) 3628419295_566692_566692_1_rdax_263x350.jpg (66038 bytes)
Endoscopic Mamma Surgery
3628419295_566396_566396_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (94530 bytes) 3628419295_566398_566398_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (69844 bytes) 3628419295_566399_566399_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (63734 bytes)
FIRMIN Illuminated Retractors
3628419295_386693_386693_1_rdax_385x244.jpg (19117 bytes) 3628419295_386847_386847_1_rdax_385x251.jpg (15377 bytes) 3628419295_564362_564362_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (51450 bytes) 3628419295_565044_565044_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (58002 bytes)
KARAM Tissue Retractor
3628419295_565156_565156_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (62476 bytes)
Mamma Reconstruction acc. to FINE
3628419295_566397_566397_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (80019 bytes)
Minimally Invasive Techniques in Peripheral Nerve Surgery
3628419295_564361_564361_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (63537 bytes) 3628419295_565041_565041_1_rdax_290x350.jpg (40137 bytes)
Retractors for Use in Plastic Surgery
3628419295_449303_449303_1_rdax_385x257.jpg (44149 bytes) 3628419295_449308_449308_1_rdax_385x258.jpg (28117 bytes)
Rhinoplasty Instruments for Open Rhinoplasty acc. to AIACH
3628419295_566723_566723_1_rdax_385x267.jpg (97296 bytes)
Wrist Arthroscopy
3628419295_566395_566395_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (88950 bytes)
(ต้องการทราบข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมกรุณาติดต่อ 02-2491986-7)


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