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เครื่องมือผ่าตัด Endoscope KARL STORZ
Cysto-urethroscopes with distal chip technology and fiber optics-flexible
Hopkins II telescopes for adults
Cystoscopes-urethroscopes for adults and adolescents
Resectoscopes for adults
Laser surgery, photodynamic diagnosis (PDD)
Urethrotomes for adults
Lithotripsy, mechanical stone forceps
Pediatric urology - rigid and flexible cystoscopes, resectoscopes, urethrotomes, percutaneous nephroscopes, uretero-renoscopes
Percutaneous nephroscopes, uretero-renoscopes
Urological laparoscopy, excerpt from laparoscopy catalog
High Light Products
Highest Efficiency in Stone Therapy
3628419295_386589_386589_1_rdax_385x251.jpg (23495 bytes) 3628419295_389786_389786_1_rdax_385x251.jpg (33797 bytes)
Laparoscopy in Urology
3628419295_566298_566298_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (92095 bytes)
Laser Working Element with Exchangeable Guidance of LASER Probes
3628419295_575618_575618_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (62879 bytes)
3628419295_576336_576336_1_rdax_385x258.jpg (55747 bytes)
Optimal Visualisation of the Lower Urinary Tract
3628419295_566247_566247_1_rdax_385x251.jpg (56129 bytes) 3628419295_566249_566249_1_rdax_385x237.jpg (19174 bytes)
Patient Comfort on Focus
3628419295_447647_447647_1_rdax_292x350.jpg (84753 bytes) 3628419295_565140_565140_1_rdax_385x275.JPG (63329 bytes)
PCNL for High Stone-Free Rates
3628419295_566254_566254_1_rdax_385x254.jpg (70575 bytes)
Pediatric Urology
3628419295_386586_386586_1_rdax_385x253.jpg (25979 bytes)
Small diameter, optimal irrigation and outstanding endoscopic view
3628419295_566250_566250_1_rdax_385x252.jpg (14632 bytes) 3628419295_566299_566299_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (64756 bytes)
The new dimension The KARL STORZ Video-Uretero-Renoscope
3628419295_575616_575616_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (65149 bytes) 3628419295_575617_575617_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (70508 bytes)
The new KARL STORZ Bipolar System
3628419295_566245_566245_1_rdax_385x268.jpg (70894 bytes) 3628419295_566246_566246_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (63185 bytes)
Traditional and Trendsetting
3628419295_566248_566248_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (77792 bytes) 3628419295_566283_566283_1_rdax_385x289.jpg (54940 bytes)
With one “Click” to the Optimal Work Flow
3628419295_565134_565134_1_rdax_385x289.JPG (44342 bytes) 3628419295_565135_565135_1_rdax_385x289.JPG (58953 bytes)
(ต้องการทราบข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมกรุณาติดต่อ 02-2491986-7)


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