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อุปกรณ์ทางการแพทย์ที่เป็นวัสดุพลาสติกและซิลิโคน MTP
01 Extraction bags
Classic extraction bags for miminally invasive surgery
08_de_01_01_040141-05_2.gif (109064 bytes)
ENDOBAG® extraction bags for minimally invasive surgery
07_de_01_02_040164-05_2.gif (103274 bytes)
02 Filters for laparoscopy
Gas filter for Karl Storz Micro-Hysteroflator and filter to block fluid for Karl Storz CO2-Hydromat
07_de_02_03_031123-10_2.gif (91994 bytes)
Gas filters and accessories for insufflation devices with high flow gas flow
07_de_02_02_031122-25_2.gif (98047 bytes)
Gas filters for insufflation devices with standard gas flow
07_de_02_01_031121-10_2.gif (94901 bytes)
Smoke evacuation filter for connecting to trocar for laparoscopy
07_de_02_04_031110-10_2.gif (86471 bytes)
03 Accessories for trocars
Emergency Trocar Kit
09_de_03_01_02_020290-09_2.gif (104063 bytes)
Trocar valves for Karl Storz trocar cannulas with bayonet lock
07_de_03_02_021108-05_2.gif (100393 bytes)
Trocars for Laparoscopy
08_de_03_01_01_020206-06_2.gif (86552 bytes)
VERES pneumoperitoneum needles
07_de_03_01_020180-10_2.gif (86869 bytes)
04 Sterile covers
Camera cover folded inside out
07_de_04_01_040112-40_2.gif (80091 bytes)
Classic camera covers
07_de_04_02_040113-50_2.gif (141761 bytes)
Covers for PC mice and remote controls
07_de_04_04_040145-25_2.gif (118668 bytes)
Elastic camera covers
07_de_04_03_040169-40_2.gif (115990 bytes)
Touch Screen covers
07_de_04_05_041165-20_2.gif (116946 bytes)
05 Sheaths for telescopes
Sheaths for Karl Storz Rhino Fiberscopes
07_de_05_01_041300-50_2.gif (85190 bytes)
06 Instrum. for HF surgery
Bipolar electrodes for Karl Storz resectoscope systems
08_de_06_04_011150-10_2.gif (88164 bytes)
Instruments for monopolar HF surgery
07_de_06_01_010103-40_2.gif (96533 bytes)
Monopolar electrodes for Karl Storz resectoscope systems
07_de_06_02_011110-10_2.gif (97719 bytes) 07_de_06_03_011210-10_2.gif (94998 bytes) 09_de_06_02_01_011114-10_2.gif (89638 bytes) 09_de_06_03_01_011214-10_2.gif (91177 bytes)
07 Tubing sets
Irrigation and suction tubing sets for Karl Storz Arthropump Power
09_de_07_03_01_031228-10_2.gif (106766 bytes)
Irrigation and suction tubing sets for Karl Storz Endomat LC
07_de_07_04_031119-10_2.gif (121540 bytes)
Irrigation tubing sets arthroscopy and urology for Karl Storz roller pump systems
07_de_07_03_031128-10_2.gif (116251 bytes)
Irrigation tubing sets hysteroscopy for Karl Storz roller pumps
07_de_07_01_031117-10_2.gif (114747 bytes)
Irrigation tubing sets laparoscopy for Karl Storz roller pumps
07_de_07_02_031118-10_2.gif (115015 bytes)
Irrigationsuction handle with suction tube
09_de_07_07_030238-10_2.gif (84854 bytes)
Irrigationsuction tubing set for Karl Storz B.I.O.H. hysteroscope
09_de_07_06_01_031317-10_2.gif (123633 bytes)
Irrigationsuction tubing sets for Karl Storz handles
08_de_07_06_031132-10_2.gif (89816 bytes)
Tubing sets for other Karl Storz pumps
07_de_07_05_031129-10_2.gif (103464 bytes)
08 VACUsafe_Suction
Accessories for VACUsafe system
08_de_08_03_030970-10_2.gif (87721 bytes)
Filter to block fluid during suction
07_de_08_05_031124-10_2.gif (113276 bytes)
Tubing sets for suction
07_de_08_04_030147-10_2.gif (120027 bytes)
Tubing sets for VACUsafe system
07_gb_08_02_030348-10_2.gif (105936 bytes)
VACUsafe suction bottle system
07_de_08_01_030015-24_2.gif (126071 bytes)
09 Gastroenterology
Additional accessories für gastroenterology
07_de_09_09_110250-100_2.gif (105340 bytes)
Biopsy forceps
07_de_09_08_110270-10_2.gif (102870 bytes)
Cytology brushes
07_de_09_06_110240-10_2.gif (107542 bytes)
ERCP catheter and spray catheters
07_de_09_07_110260-05_2.gif (108937 bytes)
Injection needles for sclerotherapy
07_de_09_05_110230-10_2.gif (90261 bytes)
Papillotomes with Karl Storz HF connector
07_de_09_01_110210-05_2.gif (94409 bytes)
Papillotomes with standard HF connector
07_de_09_02_110213-05_2.gif (103078 bytes)
Polypectomy snares with Karl Storz HF connector
07_de_09_03_110220-10_2.gif (91116 bytes)
Polypectomy snares with standard HF connector
07_de_09_04_110222-10_2.gif (86790 bytes)
10 Further products
Cutter Ø 12 mm Ø 15 mm for Karl Storz Rotocut™ G1
09_de_10_03_091112-05_2.gif (91349 bytes)
ENT valve
07_de_10_02_101010-10_2.gif (107200 bytes)
Fluid-STOP® for arthroscopy
07_de_10_01_020200-10_2.gif (105161 bytes)
Urethrotome cold knives for Karl Storz optical urethrotome systems
09_de_10_04_091210-10_2.gif (90379 bytes)
(ต้องการทราบข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมกรุณาติดต่อ 02-2491986-7)


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